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Behind the brand


We aim to be your one and only online premium jewellery destination. 

Giada is your unique jewellers online born to elevate your everyday outfit looks and personalise your occasional wear. Find dainty delicate pieces that oozes femininity, co-ord your outfits with on trend jewellery or accessorise your appearance with bold statement signatures. Our main focus is to provide exceptional quality jewellery, at affordable prices, to be loved and treasured for eternity. 


Giada was established in 2008, since launch our mission has always been to bring you beautiful, quality jewellery and gifts, perfectly packaged, at a price you’ll love. Our commitment is to be aspirational and affordable, to create pieces that look high end, yet are inexpensive.


Hi there, I am Giada Bosa, the original founder of Giada, a brand created out of a need for contemporary jewellery that looks high end yet is inexpensive, is great quality and created with a fine hand. Back in 2008 you could only get high street jewellery, chunky, bright yellow and extremely poor quality, or super expensive under counter jewellery. I wanted jewellery to wear myself and also to give as a gift that wouldn’t cost a fortune. And so Giada was created!

From a young age, admiring my grandmothers classic pearls that sat sophisticatedly on her neck, I grew up knowing I may have a huge passion for jewellery. I would sneak into my grandmothers room, into her chest of drawers and head straight to the precious treasure box, feeling the beautiful embroidery on the brochette’s. 

Not understanding the significance or sentimental value of anything and knowing I wasn’t allowed to keep anything until my grandmother deceased, I couldn’t resist rummaging through the collected pieces over the centuries. As I grew, and was eventually handed down stunning pieces, my love for jewellery ignited and I knew then, I wanted to share and invent my brand. After years of research and sleepless nights, complete routine is born in memory of my grandmother who would always remind me “how a truly strong women will have a complete routine she abides by every morning, no matter rain or sun”. 


Inspiration comes from everywhere, travel, nature, vintage finds and current trends. Moodboards are created and stories bought to life. Reflecting current colour and design trends, we use beautiful plating, semi-precious stones and interesting metal textures to create our collections. Every piece of Giada is designed in house at our London office.

With a team of world-class experts, we have created over 30 localised sites in as many languages, and attracted over 10 million visits per month in 2017 alone; 71% of which were international.

What started Giada?

We have always had an immense passion to create luxurious beauty products that inspire confidence and empower individuality. Having grown up in a family run business, working closely and professionally with clients, I always enjoyed prescribing them with their aftercare more than the hair service. There was something about retail, that excited me. Knowing customers were leaving the hair salon with full inclusive beauty maintenance to keep hair salon-fresh at home, made me feel a sense of achievement. We know how important it is building a relationship with our customers, as we are more than the "delivering beauty wizards", we aim to inspire, revive and encourage beauty in you.

I started collecting retail in-store, attracting high street shoppers, and in seeing rapid results, I branched out online and this is where Giada was born. As a team, we understand looking good is just the start. Helping you achieve soft, touchable hair and skin is our ultimate priority—one of the many reasons we include Argan oil in every single one of our products.

Please ensure you follow our socials, we are keen to spread the brand and our positive message in delivering beauty today. People of all ages are concerned about their appearance. They try to it their natural look into existing standards, often resorting to various procedures and, sometimes painful deprivations, in order to achieve imaginary perfection. To achieve the goal, they limit themselves to food, exhaust their bodies with redundant exercising. People have resorted to different tricks and hacks to improve their faces and bodies at different times and eras. However, each era had its own beauty standards. Let us look over the variety of human prejudices at different times and in different countries, usually reaching the point of absurdity, in order to understand that fashion is changeable, and any shortcomings can become raisins and even advantages if you know how to present yourself correctly and how to be confident.